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lennon gallagher
The Life StoryBy the time that Lennon told her parents she wanted to be a scientist, they knew better than to crush her dreams. She’d been determined and wholly stubborn since the moment she’d entered the world. Lennon knew -- the constant fights between her parents reminded her daily -- that they could barely afford to put food on the table, let alone send her off to college when that time came, but she could never even fathom letting that stop her. While her peers played make believe and colored outside the lines, she read children’s science books and conducted her own age inappropriate experiments. Her dream was the sole thing that drove her, and when the nights were dark and full of terrors, it was her only escape. Once she was old enough to understand the financial side of that dream, she formed a plan and thought nothing of it. It was her destiny… Until it wasn’t.

Childhood trauma affected Lennon’s life more and more as time went on. She began to act out -- befriending the entirely ‘wrong crowd’ and doing everything that a girl her age shouldn’t have. By the time she was 13, she was drinking and doing drugs daily, and that stubborn attitude let her parents know that there was nothing they could do to stop her. She was on a downwards spiral, caught up in hurting herself to make her daily life easier, and she would continue falling no matter what. They gave her all the love and support that they could, but she made it difficult as could be, and when she reached rock bottom, it took longer than ever before to repair her relationship with her parents. Still, that rock bottom was exactly when she needed them most.

Lennon, fueled by pissing off authority and sought out thrills, aligned with a local gang. She was 13 years old and helped her newest ‘friends’ with whatever they needed, turning a blind eye to the way it made her innermost stomach churn. Whether that meant helping them with their sex trafficking or drug muling, she was there, having convinced herself that they were the family that she had always wanted. It was with them that she met the person that would change her life forever. Jamison was attractive and funny and he actually liked her. She thought they were in love, and it didn’t matter to her that she’d been lying to everyone about her age, because she was convinced that he never had to find out. He thought he was dating a 17, almost 18, year old, and she did everything she could to protect that. But, as fate had it, she wasn’t able to do that for very long.

She was 14 when she found out she was pregnant. At first, there was no question in her mind about whether or not she was going to keep it. Lennon was old enough to know exactly how much it would fuck up her life and her dreams, and she knew that her parents would never forgive her for making such a mistake. But, as she got closer and closer to terminating the pregnancy, the way that she looked at the world and her specific situation began to change. She knew that nothing would ever be the same, and that she would struggle more than ever before if she kept the baby… But when she closed her eyes and she imagined singing them to sleep, she also knew that she’d finally know what happiness was. It made her nightmares fade away faster than promiscuity and drugs and science ever had. Being a young mother was her path in life.

On February 10, 2009, Lennon gave birth to her healthy baby girl, Morgan Fae Gallagher. The pregnancy had been absolute Hell, shrouded in fear and anger and sadness and nearly deadly preeclampsia. Money was tighter than it had ever been before, and having told Jamison about her real age and pregnancy, she’d become a single mother before her daughter had ever been born. But it was that daughter, that magical, healthy little girl, that made every struggle and tear worth it. It would be years before Lennon began to truly get her life together, but with her Morgue and her supportive parents, Lennon was already on the right path, and to this day, there is nothing that she’s more thankful of.

the parents liene gallagher (née jansons), 42 joshua gallagher, 44 .
the many facts • Lennon is extremely career driven, and has multiple sources of income. Primarily, she makes and sells custom ordered silicone masks under the name 'Gallagher Masks'. She got her start in art, however, doing special effects makeup, which she began as a hobby at the age of 10, and professionally at 18. She also runs an etsy shop where she sells handmade knitted and crocheted goods, and peforms under her stage name, Nemesis, doing both erotic cam shows and fire breathing/sword swallowing for local parties.

• While she currently sticks to camming as her form of sex work, she was a prostitute for 5 years and an exotic dancer for 4. When she was building up her reputation and clientele for her SFX makeup career, sex work was her main source of income, which allowed her to support herself and her young daughter with little financial help from her parents.

• Her father is Estonian American and her mother is Latvian American. Lennon was raised speaking both languages and it wasn't until she was in the first grade that she was taught more than a few words in English. Her daughter is fluent in all three as well, and while she, Morgue, and her mother all speak Latvian to each other, they switch into Estonian when they're around her father and English when with mixed company.

• Lennon is in love with learning new abilities, and has several hobbies because of it. She loves to bake, cook, sew, swallow swords, breathe fire, juggle, knit, crochet, play the guitar, and do beauty and sfx makeup. Currently, she's teaching herself how to play the piano. She is also a supreme collector, and collects everything from cups, to whiskey (both scotch and bourbon), to oddities and artwork, and has more makeup than she even knows what to do with.

• Body modification is a huge part of her life. She's been piercing herself since the age of 13, which is also when she began getting tattoos by scratchers. Most of the work has been covered up by professional artists since, and today, she is covered in tattoos, her back and portions of her legs being the only areas that are free of work. Most notably, she has almost an entire arm that is done in blackwork and several portraits (3 of which are of scientists) as well as face tattoos, one of them being in white ink on her forehead. As for piercings, she currently has her ears stretched, both cheeks, a stretched monroe, a smiley, and clitoral hood. She fully plans on being completely covered in tattoos, someday.

• She is an official member of the Church of Satan. Although she doesn't practice any of the religion's rituals, she follows it's teachings in her daily life.

• Her love of horror movies and the haunt industry has been a major part of her life from the age of 12 and onwards. She entered into sfx makeup because of that passion, focusing on creating the gnarliest creatures imaginable, despite eventually specializing in realistic gore wounds. Still, her apartment is covered in oddities as a nod to that life long love.

• She is extremely, almost obsessively organized. She loves doing house work and makes it part of her daily routine in someway. Similarly, nothing is ever out of place in her living quarters, and prefers to make several lists and schedules that cover every aspect of her life. She's a planner to an extreme, in that regard.

• Lennon was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder at the age of 18. She has been in therapy since, however, it is only recently that she began taking medication for her mental illness and has become outspoken about her experiences and the state of mental health issues in America. She also has severe anxiety and insomia, and was diagnosed with PTSD in late 2015.

• On February 9th, 2016, Lennon got married to Tressa Gold. The pair separated from their marriage less than a month later, and were officially divorced as of November 2016.

• Lennon has been painting since the age of 18. Her paintings are primarily watercolor, although her previous contained ink & pen. While she loves making her masks, her paintings are special to her, since they're her truest creative outlet. Because of that, she doesn't sell them, and merely gifts them to her friends and family. In August of 2016, Lennon filled a solo gallery exhibit with her artwork entitled 'Borderline'.
williamsburg, brooklyn

the traits "A paradox to most observers, INTJs are able to live by glaring contradictions that nonetheless make perfect sense – at least from a purely rational perspective." - The Architect

. strengths strategic, independent, decisive, determined, loyal, jack-of-all-trades, responsible, ambitious, logical . weaknesses arrogant, judgemental, analytical, perfectionistic, pessimistic, dictatorial, distrusting
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